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What makes it awesome

We are processing business cards in the App Store since 2010. Why ? Because our app works and customers like it !


All cards are manually transcribed by human operators.


Auto sync with your address book. Export to Excel.


Don’t waste time, it take less than 10s of your time per card. Furthermore, up to 3 cards can be taken simultaneously on the same photo.


Contacts are backed up and protected on our servers.

How it works

Users get 10 transcription credits when they download the app. After that, users can purchase transcription credits in bulk packages of 50 cards, 500 cards, or custom requests.

1. You snap

Take a photo of the business cards you collect.

2. We transcribe

Cards are manually transcribed overnight and if something is wrong, we’ll redo it for free.

3. It's stored

When business cards are added, it’s easy to sync them with your iPhone Contacts.

The screenshots

The Econtact Pro application is specifically designed for ease of use and for the safety of your professional contacts.

Take up to 3 cards in 1 photo
Each card is processed by a human operator
You get a complete address book
Beautiful display of your business cards
Export to Excel

Frequently asked questions

Please find below our answers about the App, the Transcription Service and regarding Privacy and Security.

How many cards can I store with Econtact Pro?

There is no limit to the number of cards you can transcribe and store in the app.

If I lose my iPhone, do I lose all of the data?

No, cards that were entered by our back office are saved on our server and can be restored to your iPhone at any time.

Will all these pictures take up a lot of space on my iPhone?

No, Econtact Pro will automatically compress the pictures before storing them on the phone, shrinking the picture size up to 30 times. Ultimately, the App is much smaller than many games in the AppStore

Do the credits expire?

No, your credits never expire. However if there is no activity in your account for 12 month, you account may get deactivated.

How long does it take to have my cards transcribed into contacts?

After you submit a card, the transcribed data will be sent to your phone within 24 hours.

Is your system more effective than OCR?

While OCR can be somewhat reliable for standard fonts and impeccable photos, we offer you 100% accuracy. We can read cards that OCR may never be able to read and if there’s an error in the transcription, we will redo it free of charge.

Can I send foreign cards to be transcribed?

For now, we can only transcribe business cards written with latin alphabets at 100% accuracy. If you send a card in a different language, we will do our best but do not guarantee accuracy.

How is my data stored? Who can access my data?

We have taken measures to ensure the security of your data. Our Privacy Policy states that we only use data to support the application and will not share or use it for any other purpose. All data is stored in a dedicated and encrypted server. You are the only person with access to this data via your email and password login and can request to have it deleted at any time.


Download it now

The Econtact Pro app is available for iPhone and Android. No risk: We give you 10 free credits in order to try our service !


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Really useful app! ★★★★★ This is a really useful app! The most important part of a business card reader is accuracy and Econtact Pro has it down. So far I've had 100% accuracy. It's really easy to use and I love that it saves the picture of the original business card.
kspriggs - App Store

Econtact Pro finds a reliable method for card transcription: People
Anthony Ha,

Manual transcription is key ★★★★ Downloaded the app 2 days ago. First impression wasn't so good. But after scanning all my business cards (over 200) I just felt so happy to have them synced with my contact book. Cost me only $30 total to do all that. It's a bit annoying to have to wait over night to get all you contacts back, but aside from that... great over all. Thanks for the update!
ClemJojo - App Store

Can transcribe notes too! ★★★★ This app is great. It scans business cards, but it can also read handwriting like if someone pens in their personal number ;)
PaulSF2 - App Store

Download it now

The Econtact Pro app is available for iPhone and Android. No risk: We give you 10 free credits in order to try our service !